For testers

This page presents patterns that are available for testing. The page will constantly change, there will be new patterns, old ones will be deleted.
  If you are already cooperating with me, please choose any pattern and write me its number, the code that is on each sign, to the email that is written below.
  If you want to test my patterns please email me your examples of finished work and what technique you work in. 
Attention, under each pattern there is a list of necessary colors and their number. Please select a pattern for which you have colors or you can find them. You can use very similar ones but do not change much.
Please note that I send patterns for crystal pods only to those testers who have already created for me at least 2 star or the 2 usual 3d pod
I wish you all creative inspiration!) 
If at the moment you have found a pattern that you would like to test, please look at the wonderful work of other people working on my patterns. I am grateful to everyone who tests my patterns.


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