Supports the russian - support the war and the killings LadyLunarCat

Supports the russian - support the war and the killings

After everything I've seen in my country, murders of people, even small children, special explosions where innocent people are, where hospitals are kindergartens, and interviews with 71 percent of russians who approve of the war! Their soldiers are all marauders and rapists and murderers! There is much evidence of this. they also shot buses with refugees!
I will never forgive any russian, I do not believe in their so-called innocence ... This is not putin's war, ordinary people, they approve of it ... all these rallies began only when sanctions were imposed and they began to suffer from them ...
If you support any russians - we have nothing to talk about and do business with, just ignore my work and never write to me.
You can be kind and foresee russians when you don't hide from bombs 3 times a night and in the morning you read how many people died from bombs, and how people are mocked in the occupied territories ...
And yes, I understand how tired you are to hear from every media about Ukraine and the war ... and now imagine how tired we are ...

I'll tell you how the economy works ...
1. You buy something in russia from a private individual
2. That individual spends these funds and buys something in russia
3. The money goes to businesses.
4. They pay taxes and fees to the state
5. The state uses this money to make tanks and missiles, or hires mercenaries to send it to Ukraine to kill people and small children, to destroy schools and kindergartens, to destroy hospitals and maternity hospitals ....
So think when you want to buy something from the russians (there are many russian designers who bypass the sanctions create sites and different methods) Even Etsy and ebay forbade them to sell, and you want to buy ..

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