If the files are unavailable for downloading, or if you are experiencing some other kind of error

Please write to me on the contact page, and I will send you a file swithin 12 hours

For some technical reason, my first digital file sending app is not working well. Therefore,  I have 2 applications that send files and they duplicate each other. Please do not be alarmed if you receive two different letters with your file that you bought. Just choose something that works well for you
Also, in the new application, the files will be divided into several if there are several parts of the pattern (for example, different colors or sizes), you will receive, for example, two files with part 1 and part 2.

Also, if you bought a pattern and did not receive it or could not download it, please write to me by mail and I will send it to you. Biserkiev2@gmail.com

If you want to sell finished products created by my patterns

You have my permission to sell finished products created according to my patterns. And I will be glad if you specify that I created the design. (But this is optional)

My copyright

I do not allow to resell or distribute my patterns. And I do not allow you to create patterns with parts, my author's patterns elements. I am a designer and this is my work, and my ideas provide my food and I hope for your understanding.


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