27/02/2022 NEWS  Ukraine and Me LadyLunarCat

27/02/2022 NEWS Ukraine and Me

27/02/2022 NEWS  Ukraine and Me

1. The war in Ukraine continues. Our brave warriors are defending themselves. The russians send a lot of equipment, a lot of military. They are beating the houses of civilians, many civilians have already been killed. They even drop bombs and banned landmines. But we are strong in spirit and deed, we will never give up. All of Ukraine has rebelled against the attack, and each of the people is helping as much as he can.
2. I am very grateful to our defenders that in my city, which is 70 km from Kyiv, it is still quiet and I can sleep peacefully with my family. (The fighting continues 40 km from us.) Unfortunately, not all people in Ukraine have this.
3. Now I am scared only by putin's threats to use nuclear weapons, the world must stop him...
4. My buyers and fans of creativity and just good people who decided to help - you are the best. All words of support, this is an incredible psychological help at this time, I read everything, but so far I have not been able to answer everyone because I was not on the computer because that's the only way I translate, I can't translate my text over the phone. Your support is very important and very helpful at a time when we were confused and scared. It seemed to me that our country is alone but we saw that the world is not indifferent. Part of the money you have already sent for my patterns, I transferred to the charitable Ukrainian needs and to the military account for protection (now all Ukrainians do it who can).

5. I am safe, all networks, including the Internet, are still working, so I work normally. But the discount remains as it is.
6. Here you can read news about Ukraine, it is the main newspaper of Ukraine in English. https://www.pravda.com.ua/eng/

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