01/02/2022 News and Free pattern LadyLunarCat

01/02/2022 News and Free pattern

Fighting continues and many people are dying ... and infrastructure. Rockets flew at the homes of civilians, and at the people themselves. (I am safe in my city peacefully, only 10-40 km were fighting)
We are very grateful to all the people from the world who support us, we appreciate it very much, thank you for everything.
I will tell you about Ukrainians - We are not inclined to imperial thoughts at all, we do not consider ourselves better than other nations, we do not like to fight and do not want to. we often quarrel over trifles, we also have many problems in the economy and politics, most of all Ukrainians love freedom and their land. Most of all Ukrainians are engaged in agriculture and horticulture and computer science. We did not attack and do not want to fight. Even russian prisoners of war live better than at home. But we were attacked and we really want an end to this war. So who wants to wish us peace, you can make this free pattern with the dove of peace to wrap the pen.
We also had the world's largest cargo plane "Dream", it delivered medicine to many countries around the world and for protection during the pandemic,  it was ravaged by hangars of russian troops. They ruined our dream. For all Ukrainians it was a tragedy we loved our dream ... But we will have a new dream!
I wish everyone peace.
You can download this pattern in pdf format for free in a closed group on Facebook. You need to join a group before downloading  
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